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[NEW PRODUCTS] Rasa Indonesia

Let us bring you to a trip down memory lane by exploring the classic Indonesian snacks with Rasa Indonesia! We re-create Indonesian famous treats like Jasuke, Roti Pandan, and Cheese Stick into TOUS les JOURS style of high quality baked goods, that will give you new experience for enjoying the familiar taste of your beloved Indonesian treats.

Introducing you to our newest products this September~

Jasuke Pastry
Taken from Jasuke, this roll pastry filled with sweet corn mixed with condensed milk and cheese, sure is everyone’s beloved childhood treats!

Pandan Love Bread
Soft pandan bread filled with yummy pandan paste that goes very well together~

Cruncheese Stick
Super crunchy super flavorful pastry stick topped with cheddar cheese

Have all of our newest products on your nearest TOUS les JOURS, or have it delivered safely to your comfort by ordering thru GoFood, GrabFood, or TLJ Delivery Service!