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[NEW PRODUCTS] Taste of Korea

Did you know that you can experience Korea in a few blocks away? Yes, TOUS les JOURS is here, ready to take you on to a delicious trip exploring the authentic taste of Korean Bakery!

Introducing you to our newest products this September~

Dalgona Coffee Cake
Layers of moist chocolate cake and dalgona coffee fresh cream is such a great combo to make your moments even more special. Don’t forget the special caramel drizzle on top! It balances everything of the cake.

Baked Cheesecake Bread
Soft bread filled with creamy cream cheese with delicious-slightly-burnt sweet topping, taste just like a cheesecake!

Messy Chocolate
A premium buttery pastry filled with chocolate filling and topped with messy dark chocolate and double hazelnut coating, a perfect kind of messy.

K-Bun Garlic Mozza
Yummy baguette bun filled with melted mozzarella cheese and our special garlic sauce, TLJ's unique version of the viral treats!

K-Bun Garlic Cheddar
Yummy baguette bun and filled to the brim with loads of cheddar cheese cubes and our special garlic sauce, TLJ's unique version of the viral treats!

Mozzacheese Stick
Bread filled with scrumptious mozarella cheese and loads of mixed cheese topping

K-Red Bean Bread
The upgraded version of our classic Red Bean Bread, with extra filling!

Custard Bun
Soft bread with creamy custard filling, so delightful!

Itaewon Twist - Plain
Our newest twist to the much loved Korean Twist Donut, now topped with mix of sesame seed!

Gangnam Twist - Strawberry
Twist donut filled with strawberry filling, topped with sesame seed, yummy!

Catch all of our newest products on your nearest TOUS les JOURS, and collect all the stickers to fill your Korean Bread Passport!