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[New Product] Autumn in Korea

Autumn is in the air in Korea...
Please enjoy our newest creation for this season.
We present you the taste of Autumn in Korea

Magu Magu Goguma
Soft Bread with milk and cheese cream and sweet potato dice

Soft Honey Butter Bowl
Soft and chewy European bread with abundance honey and butter

Milky Goguma Cake
Soft mousse cake with special goguma paste added with soft and sweet fresh cream

Real Goguma Pie
Crispy pastry with sweet potato filling and sweet potato dice

Premium Pastry Egg Tart
Premium egg tart with crispy pastry and egg custard filling, added with special caramel sauce

Premium Corn Egg Tart
Sweet corn egg tart with crispy pastry and egg custard filling

These products are available through our WhatsApp Delivery Service, GoFood, GrabFood, and ShopeeFood.